body painting on vulva

In a Country where using the word "Sex" itself is a big taboo; where anyone talking anything below belt is consider as a "Character Less" person, how can one talk about " Love Making"? I agree that ours is a country which gave to this world "the art of love making" through pictorial presentation of "KAMASUTRA" but we still hesitate and feel shy, when one is asked to explain those positions. Just look into your "Sex Life" and see if what you are doing in "Love Making" or it is just a "Lust"? Are you having "fun" while making-love or you are just "inviting in" or "inserting in" as "fire" there is not bearable?

This article is prepared with the inputs from 467 people across the country and out-of them around 287 where females and among them 261 had experienced "Love-Making". Most of these ladies did mentioned that in their married is just "Roll-on; Roll-Off and Sleep". There is no doubt that "Physical Relations" are important for the long-lasting "love-relations" between couple. Unsatisfactory Sex Life can lead to "Extra-Marital Relations" or "Divorces". Lets discuss about it. Why "Love-Making" is important? What is the importance of "Foreplay" is satisfactory "Love Intercourse". After the game is over, what is that a male or female expects from each other? And things like that. Lets being with "KAMASUTRA".

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